A Time And A Place

I had a visitor yesterday who was astounded by the amount of books I have, “what have you got all these for? You could have them all on a tablet,”I was told.

I couldn’t actually, as a good half of them are children’s books. Even if you can have the gruffalo on a tablet I’m not sure it would be quite the same, my youngest certainly couldn’t help herself to it whenever she wanted it. Unfortunately this argument didn’t wash with my visitor who went away shaking his head advising me if it where up to him, he’d burn the lot and just have what he could on a tablet.

There’s nothing for it I’m afraid, I just love books. They’re just wonderful. e-books are great they save space, the environment and time, as you can get the book as soon as its out. The book I’m currently reading at the moment happens to be on my kindle, but there’s nothing quite like an actual book.

They smell great, they go crinkly in the bath, you can tell if a books been well-loved just by looking at it, a small pile of books next to the bed looks just wonderful (well I think so any way!), you can borrow them to family and friends and if a certain little someone spills a drink on it you can dry it, thank goodness. 🙂

Where do you stand on the great e-book vs paper book divide, I’m going to plant myself firmly in the middle as in my opinion there’s a time and a place for both types of book.

2 thoughts on “A Time And A Place

  1. I completely agree with your sentiments! I love my kindle for reading in bed but love my print books too much to ever give them up and I prefer reading them downstairs.

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