Itch, Itch, Scratch, Scratch

Chicken pox has hit the house! My youngest is itchy, grumpy and tired and I’m just tired after a night spent with a cream that didn’t work at all and cold compresses that relieved just a little.

All hope is restored this morning though after a trip to the chemist, I’ve purchased Boots Allergy Relief Antihistamine, a cooling gel and a star biscuit from the bakery, I’m hoping for a miracle to pop out from that little lot. 🙂

So far the Allergy Relief Syrup seems to be doing the trick (fingers crossed). Just incase all else failed I armed myself with food colouring, bags of salt and nostalgic memories not to mention this handy you tube video with the play dough recipe.

I have to say I am ridiculously pleased with myself and my first attempt at making play dough.


2 thoughts on “Itch, Itch, Scratch, Scratch

  1. The antihistamine is marvellous for calming the itch! Chickenpox is so horrible. Hope all is well again soon!

    Takes me back seeing your play dough. I used to make it for my kids, but I don’t remember mine looking as pretty as yours 🙂 x

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