You’re Bored? That’s Great!

“Mummy, I’m bored,” heard it yet?

I did yesterday from my eldest. Reading between the lines what I really heard was, “Mummy can I go on the computer.” Unfortunately for my eldest my answer wasn’t the hoped for “you can go on the computer if you like,” instead it was “that’s great,”

“What?” my eldest puzzled looking face was priceless! Especially after I explained in Mummy fashion that “boredom breeds creativity you know,” assuming that the sun had definitely gone to my head  my eldest pottered off, sniggering and shaking his head. Heres the result of an hours worth of boredom, isn’t it great to be right. 🙂

Just incase you were wondering the first picture is of Lego robots about to attack and the second is a photo of a gymnastics club in full swing.

It got me thinking later, maybe boredom is the key to beating procrastination; All I need to do is remove a certain little show that’s on Syfy at the moment and I’ll be away.

What would help you write more if you removed it?

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