Bath Time!

The highlight of my day yesterday turned out to be Izzy coming home completely filthy, with mud (I hope) splattered all round the back of her fur. I’m afraid there was nothing for it, she had to have a bath! I think in total I’ve bathed the cat three or four times and most of those were when she was a kitten.

She was such a good girl. 🙂  Standing statue still with only the odd attempt at escape and surprisingly no claws were brandished whilst I shampooed her fur and rinsed her off. After a quick shake and a rub down with a towel she spent the rest of the day grooming.

blog4 020

I know I’m probably a bit bias but doesn’t she look cute! I did try to get a good shot of her looking at the camera, even resorting to silly antics to make her look. However she wouldn’t stop grooming long enough to take a shot!

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