Tautology, is the repetition of words that actually mean the same thing, like a free gift, ever found a gift that wasn’t free? Sometimes tautology is done to emphasise a point, but often it’s done with out even realising. I couldn’t resist hunting out a few examples;

In my opinion, I think that

I got up a 4am in the morning

Forward planning

Bits and Pieces

First and Foremost,

I made it with my own fair hands

Silly fool

Null and void

Could you repeat that again

How many times did you think oh yes, and nodded to yourself as you read the examples? I have to confess when I found free gift it did make me chuckle.

Ok Test time, I’ve purposely wrote the following passage badly so that I could cram it to the hilt with examples of tautology, see if you can spot them all!

At about 0930am this morning, I saw with my own eyes that I was in close proximity to a friends twisted willow. It looked fabulous waving and swaying in the breeze. So I was ecstatically excited when she said she had a spare baby willow that she didn’t know what to do with! 🙂

How many did you count? There where five altogether. Did you get them all?

This is a photo of the wonderful baby willow I now have.

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