Happiness, Happiness….

I had one of those great but simple, happy moments yesterday a quiet house, a cup of tea and a Cadbury’s Picnic bar. It was wonderful, procrastination at its best!

Prior to the tea I had been battling with an email problem which was guaranteed to drive even the most cool, calm and collected of you to the point of mad rantings and furious hair tearing. When I did eventually get to the bottom of the problem I was feeling more than a little dishevelled and rather hot and bothered, but the relief was enormous. It’s one of those occasions that you actually feel yourself relax.

According to research happy people tend to have a purpose in life and a set of goals, you probably know by now that I do love a good set of goals and I daily tend to have some sort of  list on the go.

In January though I started to keep a diary, I decided each night that I’d write at  least three things that had been good and made me thankful and happy during that day.

I took a look though it the other day. It was a nice surprise to notice most of the things I’ve written each evening are about the simple things in life, like; an afternoon film and a cuddle with both of my children, pegging the washing out on a peaceful, sunny saturday morning, a cup of tea and a Cadbury’s Picnic bar.

So with that thought in mind I hope you enjoy the music video. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Happiness, Happiness….

  1. I love the simple things in life – and I used to love Cadbury’s picnics! I try and stick to thin dark choc now, or After Eights. Glad you sorted out your problem.

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