It’s May, Hooray!

What a great day, the suns out, someones told me its going to be a lovely May, (I’m seriously thinking of holding them to that) and I’ve just come back from the garden centre, unfortunately there wasn’t time for cake but it was still fabulous to wander round the plants.

Best of all its a brand new month! I love the feeling of turning over a page on the calendar revealing a brand new month and all the fresh opportunities it holds. Is it just me that feels like that or do you love a new month too? I’m especially happy that May here because April didn’t turn out to be too great on the writing front. With half term and a family holiday at the beginning and tonsilitis at the end I’ve got to confess, I allowed myself to slow down a little too much.

Now that it’s a new month and I’m on antibiotics, yesterday I decided to write a plan for May in my diary;

1. Finish my current long-term project, I’m so close to the end I can almost see it. 🙂

2. Read more, I  love reading but I haven’t done a lot of it lately

3. I would like to take more of my own photos for the busy teapot, starting with my purchases from the garden centre, to be honest at first glance I thought it was a poppy but in fact it’s an Anemone, Harmony Scarlet.

4. Catch up on the blogs that I love to follow and have missed in April.

5. start to edit, edit, edit!

It’s not a huge list which means it should all get done plus a few sneaky submissions to magazines if I get the chance.

Hows was your April? Did it turn out like you thought it would?

2 thoughts on “It’s May, Hooray!

  1. I must go to the garden centre! It’s been such a long time! Your anemone looks beautiful. Hope May lives up to your expectations – it’s started off beautifully hasn’t it 🙂 Not quite sure what happened to April – it went by in a flash! x

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