Quite Frankly A Great Post!

No not mine, (unless you insist of course), as I was checking though my emails for the umpteenth time on Sunday, Cristian Mihai latest blog post popped in to my inbox, http://cristianmihai.net/2013/04/29/famous-rejection-letters-2/#more-3019, it’s a fabulous post especially if you’ve received any rejection letters recently.

It’s one of those blog posts that make you want to talk about it afterwards, which I did actually try to do with Mr A. Unfortunately although Mr A is incredibly supportive when it comes to my writing he’s not especially keen on talking about it, not that I can blame him, mention football and I’m afraid I glaze over. Sometimes though it would be nice to have a good old natter about writing related things.

When it comes to friends, family and writing I think there are three categories, Mr A falls firmly into category number two; 🙂

1. Writing you’ve got to be kidding, you’re wasting your time there, you might as well mow the lawn instead.

2. I love the fact you write, just don’t bring it near me.

3. Shouldn’t you be working on that super tricky plot you’ve been stuck on, I’ll fetch you a coffee shall I?

Which category do your family and friends fit into?

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