Isn’t It Great!

I’m feeling under the weather today due to a bad case of tonsillitis. So I’ve decided to write a really positive post about all the things we should as writers be thankful for, so here goes;

1. Computers where would we be without them? Aren’t they fab, I think I might cry if  I had to retype the whole page every time I changed something! Not to mention how easy computers have made research and everything else.

2. Pens and pencils, the humble pencil can be a life or rather an idea saver when your out and about and inspiration suddenly strikes.

3. Comfy chairs, oh yes I’ve tried writing on one of my hard dinning chairs before and I can’t tell you how much it hurt when I eventually stood up. Now days my prefered place of writing is in the living room, on the settee with the laptop on my knee, no tv, no children just me, my settee and my laptop. Needless to say I  don’t very often get my prefered place of writing.

4. Tea and cake, it had to make the list didn’t it, because as we all know tea and cakes are essential writers fuel.

5. Royal Mail, aren’t we all glad that Henry VII established the Royal Mail under Master of Posts in 1516, and that in 1635 Charles I made it available to the public. I know stamps can be quite pricey but at least we haven’t got to deliver every manuscript personally.

6.  Email, sometimes it’s lovely to just press a button and know that it, you’ve sent it, they’ve received it and it only took a second, marvelous.

Have you thought of anymore? Let me know! 🙂

One thought on “Isn’t It Great!

  1. Those things are all very useful to writers (and others). We moan about our computers and the post sometimes, but our lives would be harder without them.

    A few to add … libraries, blogs and other electronic ways of being in contact with other writers, coloured paperclips and annoying people – because sometimes we need to kill off a character 😉

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