Did You Know…..

I used to love Enid Blyton’s books The Faraway Tree and the Naughtiest Girl At School series were my particular favorites. When they brought the film out about Enid Blyton’s life I was so excited. I eagerly sat down to watch it only to be really disappointed with the woman they said Enid Blyton was.

Have you watched it? What did you think?

Now I know film makers change things to make the plot more exciting and interesting, so here are a few of my own facts about Enid Blyton;

1.  Enid was born on the 11 August 1897 at 354 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich

2. Her father Thomas Carey Blyton was a cutlery salesman, he encouraged Enids love of stories and writing however her mum never approved of her writing and thought it was a waste of time.

3. She was a talented pianist and trained to be a teacher at Ipswich High School, she taught for five years at Bickley, Surbiton and Chessington writing when she could in her spare time.

4. Her first book was published in 1922, it was a book of poems called Child Whispers.

5. Her husband was Major Hugh Alexander Pollock, he was the editor of the book department in the publishing firm of George Newnes. George Newnes later published two of her books.

6. Enid occasionally used the pseudonym Mary Pollock.

7. She first started submitting work to publishers when she was in her teens receiving countless rejections.

8. When she tried to go to sleep as a child her mind would fill with lots of different stories. It was because of her night stories she told a psychologist that she wanted to write.

9. Enid wrote either in her study or in the garden with her typewriter on her knees. As she couldn’t touch type she typed with her two forefingers.

10. Enid wasn’t a planner, instead she let the story unfold as she typed. Often as she typed out a story she’d have no idea where it was going.

I’m not sure I like the sound of Enid as a person to be honest, but as a writer you have to admit she was as fabulous as she was dedicated, apparently typing out ten thousand words a day in her prime.

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