Back Up, Conquered!

Would you like a 16MB, a 38MB or maybe you could just make do with a 6MB, no? Perhaps you would prefer an external hard drive with a storage capacity of 600MB?


Need a lie down and a cup of tea?

I do, and that how I feel every time I look at new back up options and storage thingys.

I mean, how much space do I really need for my photos? I do take a lot of photos and I like to save them all no matter how good or bad they are, does this mean I need 600MB or would 38MB do? And what about my writing projects how much space does the average one need?

If this all sounds familiar don’t despair grab a copy of the latest Writing Magazine. The wonderful people at Writing Magazine have printed an article this month called Back Me Up On This, with a wonderful How Much Storage Do I Need box to cut out and keep at the bottom.

It explains perfectly how much space the average Novel, photos, music track ect needs. I’ve cut mine out already and stashed it safely in my purse.

So the next time a sales assistant asks me “What kind of storage were you wanting?” I’ll be able to answer confidently “I’ll have one of those please.”

6 thoughts on “Back Up, Conquered!

  1. My husband has a bank of external hard drives – but he is a professional photographer. Compared with his storage needs, my writing takes up a tiny amount of space (which makes me feel as though I’ve not done much. It would look more a more impressive output if it were all on paper.)

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