One At A Time Or The More The Merrier?

I feel a little disoriented today, it’s back to earth with a bump after two weeks off.  We were eased into it gently with Mr A returning to work yesterday and me and the children having a lovely bonus day off due to the school boiler not working, I think the whole house groaned when we received an email to say it was back up and running!

I’m quite excited to get cracking with my writing after a weeks break from it. I’m currently half way though a long-term project which I’m throughly enjoying.

However whilst we were wandering round the souvenir shops on holiday, one of the souvenirs I spotted gave me a wonderful idea for my next project. I promptly bought it and it’s now sitting on my desk begging to have its story written and I’m just itching to start it. As a general rule though I’m usually a one project at a time kind of writer.

I know a lot of writers have a few projects on the go at the same time, a long-term one and maybe one or two short-term ones.  This new project would be another long-term project and I can’t decide whether it would interfere with the tone and style of my current one…..I’m thinking though that maybe a few notes and a bit of planning wouldn’t hurt. 🙂

What about you are you a strictly one at a time kind of writer or is it the more the merrier?

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