Why, Oh Why!

As I’ve already opened the fridge at least six times this morning in hope that the fridge fairy might have visited, here’s a list of six silly things we do everyday;

Why, oh why….

1. When you’re in a rush do you catch your belt loops on the door handle? You couldn’t do it on purpose even if you tried.

2. Do you look everywhere for your glasses only to find out, you’re wearing them?!

3. Do you keep looking in the fridge for “something nice” when you know there’s nothing in there you want?

4. Press down hard on the remote control even though you know that the batteries are weak?

5. When the remote control is in need of batteries, why do you open the batteries compartment and give the batteries a roll, then check if it’s started working again?

6. When a stranger asks the time, why do you check the time again even if you looked less than a minute ago?

Have I missed any? Let me know if you think of anymore. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Why, Oh Why!

  1. The belt loop thing struck a chord, but my glasses live permanently on my nose from the moment I wake up. As for the fridge – there’s usually a bit of cheese in there which suits me fine. The remote? There isn’t the remotest chance of me getting anywhere near it!

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