Now Where Did I Put It?

I’m excited today, two weeks off, yay, cue happy dance. Have you got any plans? I’ve decided to get organised.


Well, a couple of days ago I had one of those moments, you know the sort I mean;

I was up to my eyeballs in boxes having decided to rearrange the kitchen cupboards, when my youngest wanders in wondering when dinner is going to be ready, it’s only ten past ten. My eldest then runs into the kitchen because the world had ended or, the DS he wanted to take with him to a friend’s house is lost. It was amid this chaos that I had a great idea for a story of mine. So before handing out snacks and finding the DS I carefully wrote the idea on a pad as I knew I’d never be able to remember it.

I have just spent the last forty-five minutes scowering the three house pads to see which pad I actually wrote it in. I finally found it sandwiched between two of my daily to do lists half way though the last pad.

This is why I’ve decided to get organised, when I go shopping later I’m going to treat myself to some new pads, each one is going to have its own purpose so that I don’t have to spend time hunting down ideas again.

How do you like to organise your ideas?

The picture of the rabbit reminded me of the one I spotted on the field at the back of my house earlier this week!

Enjoy your Good Friday!


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