I Only Deviated Slightly…

Monday through to Wednesday this week has been really busy, so yesterday when I knew I had the whole day free, I planned out my day. Housey type things in the morning, paper work about lunch time followed by some maintenance in the garden. Later on that would be followed by parents evening topped off by a trip to the vets. Simple.

This was my actual day, in the morning I ended up eating cherry scones in the garden centre with a friend. I have to say no arm twisting was required from either party and a lovely time was had by all, not to mention three Hebes bought by me.  The afternoon saw me huffing and puffing  furniture up indecently steep stairs after a distress call from a relative. The delivery men had completely refused to carry any of it up the two flights of stairs to the flat due to health and safety reasons, all that with a parents evening thrown in the middle and a quick dash to the vets at the end!

It wasn’t until this morning that I realised that yesterday was the perfect example of deadly writing sin number three, deviation. Yesterday certainly did deviate from my original plan, but to be honest it might have been busy but it was a very enjoyable day.

Unfortunately deviation in writing isn’t so good if it wasn’t planned and isn’t really part of the plot, writing a synopsis for yourself before starting to write and sticking to it will help avoid any unplanned deviation.

Of course one of the most important things to help avoid not only deviation but also hesitation and repetition is good old editing, editing, editing then when you think you’ve done leave it alone for a few days or even weeks and then edit again.

How was your day yesterday? Did it deviate from your original plan?

6 thoughts on “I Only Deviated Slightly…

  1. I can empathise with that very closely! My problem this week was losing my Internet connection since Saturday eveing until late yesterday. Did make me concentrate more on work to be done!

  2. Those cherry scones sound lovely – I must try to make some! It’s funny how a free day usually ends up being anything but!

    I’ve awarded you the Reality Blog Award – more about it at my place, if you wish to accept 🙂 x

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