Unleash Your Imagination

Everyday on the way to school my eldest tells me all about the imaginary world he’s created right down to describing the lairs, different types of magic and different weapons that are used and are available. It’s usually my job to pick one or more of them and then the story continues from there. My eldest has been known to talk for two hours non stop about his special world.  What a fantastic imagination, never has my eldest been stuck for ideas.

This got me thinking most children do have fantastic imaginations. When do we as adults lose some of that imagination and with it our ability to come up with ideas at the drop of a hat? Is it when we’re required as children to stop being silly and behave more grown up? Perhaps it’s self-imposed when the teenage years demand that you conform and blend in.

Does this mean we learn to suppress our imagination?

If so, surely we as writers can learn to unsuppress the imagination and unleash a dam of ever flowing ideas.  With that in mind here’s a few tips to help unleash that imagination;

1. Keep a note-book handy and write down every single idea, even the silliest ones, the more you write down ideas the more you’ll get and remember nobody else needs to see them.

2. Just write for five minutes, set a timer and start. It doesn’t matter what you write, you can even throw it away later but it’ll get your imagination flowing.

3. Try this simple game with another writer friend or a child, the first person starts off by describing a person, place or object in as much detail as they want, the second adds to that and so on. It’s great for car journeys and can produce some fantastic results, sometimes ending up with whole new worlds built!

4. Be positive! You very rarely come across a pessimistic child. As a child everything is possible, being positive and having a can do, will do attitude will open up all sorts of possibilities and ideas.

5. Go and have some playtime, do something you’ve been really wanting to do, have an ice cream sundae, go to the expensive cafe instead of the cheaper one, book that balloon trip or just hang upside down on the settee (best done just before a child enters the room for maximum effect) 🙂  it doesn’t matter what you do so long as you have fun and enjoy yourself with some uncomplicated playtime.

By the way if the ice cream sundae doesn’t work you might like to try chocolate cake, cookies, cream cakes.ect, you know the saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” 🙂

Have you any tips you can share that help you unleash your imagination?

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