Confession Time…

Lemon and sugar

I hope you all have a flipping good Pancake Day, (pun totally intended, and not very good either sorry but I couldn’t help myself ). Now today is Pancake Day otherwise known at Shrove Tuesday or Confession Tuesday, so please feel free to share any confessions with me if it helps you enter into the pancake day spirit. 🙂

Pancake Day is traditionally the last day you have to eat anything rich, fatty or sugary or to put it plainer, the last day you have to eat anything nice until the end of Lent, which is Easter. Years ago people found a tasty way to use up all their forbidden foods was to make pancakes, yum. But did you know that…

1. In France its tradition to touch the handle of the frying pan and make a wish while the pancake is turned, holding a coin in the other hand. I thought I might try this with my children, although thinking about it if they are holding the frying pan whilst I’m trying to flip it, it might just end up on the floor. Maybe I should just do it myself and they can wish from a far.

2. In Newfoundland Canada, items are put in individual pancake to tell the future of family members.

It’s also tradition to give something up for Lent which starts tomorrow, I don’t usually as I know I’ll never last for the whole of Lent. However this year I’m going to try to give something up, chronic, needless worrying, which I have to say I am very good at, if there were a competition for it I’m sure I’d at least be shortlisted, if not receive the gold medal. Giving it up is unfortunately easier said then done but I will try my best.

Are you giving anything up for Lent this year? Instead of giving something up you could break tradition and try doing something for the season of Lent, maybe vow to read one book a week, write so many words a day or try writing for a different market until the end of Lent arrives.

3 thoughts on “Confession Time…

  1. I hope you can give up worrying – or at least cut back on it. It’s difficult if you’re a serial worrier isn’t it.
    I was thinking about confessing, but – ooh no I couldn’t possibly admit that – or that – or even that! We had pancakes for lunch, so too late to make a wish 🙂 x

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