Today Is The Birthday Day Of…

Charles Dickens (circa 1865)

Charles Dickens (circa 1865) (Photo credit: Penn State Special Collections Library)

Charles Dickens, Charles Dickens was born on the 07th February 1812 in Portsmouth England, he was the second child born out of eight siblings to Elizabeth and John Dickens.

In 1816, when Charles was four, things seemed to be going well for the family and they moved to the Chatham Kent countryside. Charles and his siblings loved their new home and spent most of their time outside roaming the countryside. Unfortunately their time in Chatham Kent only lasted eight years, Charles father John Dickens although dreamed of becoming rich was dreadful with money and the family’s finances became critical.This meant a move in 1822 to Camden Town, one of London’s poorest neighbourhoods.

Unfortunately the move didn’t improve the family’s finances enough, in 1824 John Dickens was thrown in prison because of his debt. As was usual at the time he was joined shortly after by Elizabeth Dickens and their youngest children. Twelve year old Charles was forced to live with a family friend and work in a blacking factory on the River Thames.

After a few months in prison his father received a family inheritance of £450, this paid off his debts and allowed him and his family to be released and join Charles.

Charles was eventually able to finish at the blacking factory and return to school, this was not to last either though due to family finances. Once again Charles was forced to leave school, at fifteen he started work as an office boy. Although he may have resented it at the time working as an office boy is seen by some to be the start of his writing career. After a year of working as an office boy Charles began to work as a freelance reporter, reporting from the law courts of London.

In 1833 at the age of twenty-one Charles began submitting his work to newspapers and magazines under the pseudonym Boz,  The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club soon followed!

I think this really shows what kind of person Charles Dickens was, that despite everything that had happened to him he still managed to become the author we all know and love today.

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