Sixty Years Today Since…

Sweets stopped being rationed, and aren’t we all glad about that! 🙂

I don’t know about you, but I’m rather partial to a bit of chocolate when I’m writing, I’m sure it helps me think (if you haven’t tried it you really should.) I’m also rather partial to a  bit of chocolate when I’m watching a film, out and about or just inside and when…well lets just say I’m rather partial to chocolate and to celebrate 60 years of ration free sweets and chocolate here are a few facts;

1.  The Snickers bar was named after a horse owned by the Mars family.

2. Did you know that M&M stands for Mars and Murrie’s the last names of the chocolate’s creators. Forrest Mars Sr created the M&M’s hard outer shell and to fund the launch of M&Ms he entered in to a partnership with Bruce Murrie.

3. In 1882 Rowntree made ‘Chocolate Beans’ which where like a french confection called ‘crottes de lapin’ or ‘rabbit droppings’ fortunately they dropped the name and they are now known as Smarties, 307 tubes are eaten every minute!

4. Roald Dahl was an official Cadbury’s chocolate taster as a school boy.

5. One of the earliest functions of confectionary was to disguise the taste of unpleasant medicines, prior to the 14th century it was mostly sold by physicians.

6. People who are afraid of marshmallows have Althaiophobia.

There you are six delicious facts, my favorite was number four, Roald Dahl being an official Cadbury’s chocolate taster!

What were your favorite sweets as a child? I used to love a quarter of cough candy twist, hmmm.

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