My Writing Challenge

How was NANO for you?

Now you may think I’m going off on a bit of a tangent here but I promise there is a point to the question.

I really enjoyed NANO I didn’t get 50000 words written,  but I did get an awful lot more done than usual and it was fun having a word count to aim for. Which is why I’ve decided to set myself a challenge a BTWRIMO (Busyteapot’s Writing Month) in March. Why March? To be honest it’s because February is just too busy with a half term right in the middle of it, I don’t know about you, but when a half term descends I hardly get anything done at all.

The reason I decided to declare my challenge to myself here on the busyteapot is so that I hold myself accountable and don’t procrastinate, which we all know is one of the things that writers can do best. 🙂

So there you are, I’ve set myself a challenge, 30000 words to be written in March, it works out to about 1000 words a day.

For some this won’t be much of a challenge, but for me it’s enough and hopefully declaring it on here on the blog will ensure that I reach my goal, maybe visiting a different coffee shop every week and checking out the cakes will help, because of course we all know tea and cake help in every situation.

If anyone fancies joining me it’d be great to have the company.


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