How Shocking! Five Top Tips To Help With Shocks And Surprises.

Life’s full of shocks and surprises.

All over the newspapers today is the headline Harry: “I’ve killed Taliban,” is this really so shocking or surprising? He was in the army posted in Afghanistan after all.

There’s also the shock that the snow is due to last for three weeks, I know it did that last year and the year before, but it’s still slightly shocking when someone says “it’s due to last three weeks you know.” Then there’s the little every day shocks like “aghhhh we’ve run out of tea bags,” this can be one of the most upsetting, especially when its first thing in the morning.

What ever the shock or surprise to help I’ve put together a little list of top tips:

1) Expect the unexpected, then you’ll never be shocked again!

2) Always keep a note-book handy, if you must be shocked and surprised at least you can get a good story out of it.

3) Keep an emergency supply of tea bags and biscuits, proven time and time again to help in any situation.

4) Always keep a spare pair of underwear, handy on so many levels but lets not go there.

5) Never, ever leave the house in your scruff’s on the understanding you’re just dashing somewhere and won’t have to take your coat off, or that you won’t see anyone you know. One or both will definitely happen and the ground won’t obligingly swallow you whole.

There you go my five top tips to help ease shocking situations, can you think of any more?

5 thoughts on “How Shocking! Five Top Tips To Help With Shocks And Surprises.

  1. Sofia says:
    January 22, 2013 at 11:38 am (Edit)

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  2. My tip is to stop reading newspaper headlines. That way when it snows, or people do their jobs, or a pregnant woman suffers morning sickness etc, we’ll just think it’s something that happens and be totally unaware that it’s a shocking development.

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