I did it, I went to a coffee shop to do my writing for the first time ever! It was wonderful, even if events did conspire against me.

First let me tell you that during the week I don’t have a car, hubby uses it for work, so I’m either on foot or by bus.

This morning I took the children to school planing my coffee shop jaunt straight after. Now the walk to school takes a good twenty minutes each way, so I wasn’t best pleased when my eldest suddenly remembered on entering the school gates that today is an extra p.e day. After dropping my youngest off I hot footed it back home to hunt out an extra p.e kit, then I trekked back to school to deliver it.

After delivering the p.e kit I decided to catch the bus to the coffee shop, in better weather I would have walked but by now I was a) sick of walking and b) it was incredibly slippy. I narrowly missed slipping over three times, only managing to stop myself from falling by waving my arms around windmill fashion, anyone else pretended to be a windmill today? Just as I was across the road from the bus stop, the bus zoomed by, why are buses always early when your only just on time?

However all the effort was definitely worth it, when I finally reached my destination it was wonderful. I managed to get so much writing done. Usually at home I’ll work straight onto the laptop, but for the coffee shop I took one of my pads to write in,  it was so nice just to write pen on paper.  I wondered if I would be to nosy and distracted to write in a coffee shop but once I’d started writing I’m pleased to say I didn’t hear a thing.

I did get a few strange looks when I took a photo of my tea and Belgian bun though!  I’m definitely going to be trying to get back to the coffee shop once a week.

How’s your day gone?

9 thoughts on “Well…

  1. You’re so brave. I’m full of admiration. I can’t bring myself to do that. I’d be too self-conscious even to get a notepad out. I’ve got to ask though… Where is the photo of the Belgian bun?

  2. i love writing in coffee shops, and using a pen, and a notebook makes a great change. I always do my best stuff that way. I hope you manage to keep up the habit.

    By the way, I saw your letter in Writers Forum about your blog, well done!

  3. I’m so glad you enjoyed the experience! Garden & craft centre cafes are great too as they’re usually quieter than a coffee shop. I love writing with pen & paper & do this out of home about once a week. It’s great for penning new scenes. It’s even more enjoyable if you’re a regular & the staff know you. Getting the odd look cos you’re alone with your head down writing shouldn’t put people off writing in this way as it’s very productive – as you know! Plus going out alone is wonderful – try the benches inside art galleries & museums or libraries as they work great too 😉 Happy creating!

  4. So glad you enjoyed the experience – it’s brilliant, isn’t it? I wouldn’t do without my weekly writing/coffee/cake in my favourite cafe. I sit away at the side and love writing with pen and paper – often wonder if that’s partly what makes the difference.

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