One Of Those Days

Todays not been the greatest, my eldest cried and sulked all morning before school for no apparent reason other than still tired, although I didn’t dare suggest this as a reason. My youngest not to be out done cried most of the way home over a  drawing lost at school, life can be very hard when you’re that small.

In between all this I phoned up the holiday company to confirm and pay a deposit on a holiday we’d reserved, only to find out they could see the details, but their system had corrupted the booking and now they were fully booked! Many hours and stern words later they miraculously managed to get my reserved holiday back, hooray! 🙂

Booking my youngest party at a local soft play centre also proved a challenge, every time I phoned someone answered only to tell me they were far to busy to talk and that I should phone again later, on the plus side if they are that busy they must be good, right? On top of all this I have managed to knock seven bells out of my fireplace tiles most of them almost obligingly jumping off the wall with only a few stubborn ones hanging on as if their life depended on it.

So all in all todays not been the greatest day for actual writing or has it, maybe I can tuck a few of today antics away for a short story, I tend to get most of my ideas from things that happen everyday so I’ll have to let a few of todays antics brew and see what come out.

Where do you get your ideas from?

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