Procrastination Baby Give It To Me Now…..

Incase you were wondering at the title, it was a song out of Greece 2 only slightly changed of course, but seriously I don’t need any more help procrastinating. I usually do it quite nicely thank you with my blog, twitter, emails and of course the internet, especially if I’ve got the great excuse of a birthday coming up, and my youngest has!

This is why I’ve tried to allocate all of these things their own little slot on my timetable, several slots actually, morning, noon and night but only ten to fifteen minutes to quickly peek at all four if necessary (in the evening I might sneak a bit more.)

So how did it go today? Did having designated spots for procrastination help me write more?

Yes I sure it did actually, I haven’t exactly counted the words but I’m really please with what I’ve got done today. I’ve got to say it was really hard not having a quick peek at the internet or twitter when I sat down to write but having a slot to do that later did help, just.  What I enjoyed the most though was having a time to start writing written down it gave me a wonderful feeling of urgency as the end of my writing time loomed.

What are your special ways to deal with procrastination? I’d love to know.

Now just in case you’re feeling a little fed up thinking of all the winter days ahead of you, I thought I’d share this photo of a little crocus shoot (I think) that I found whilst wandering round my garden, spring is definitely on the way! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Procrastination Baby Give It To Me Now…..

  1. That sounds like a good idea. I’ve got a program on my computer which blocks me from using the internet, but once I start writing, I then find I need to look something up on Google, so I have to unblock myself!
    It’s lovely to think that spring can’t be far away. The birds are singing more, the days are getting longer – I can’t wait 🙂 x

  2. I have two fully blooming hyacinths in my garden! Procrastination – the blight of writers and I am the master of it. It is now 12.15 and I have done everything but complete the story I’m writing. Even now I’m thinking of making a coffee first!

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