‘It Is Hard When You…

Fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed,’ these are words by Theodore Roosevelt and are just right for the start of January or any time of the year really when you are taking on a new project.

I’m looking forward to starting my projects and I’m still feeling really optimistic despite a series of events which could have made me feel otherwise;

Firstly my kettle broke, no big deal there you might think except I had a house full of guests at the time and I was in the middle of making several hot drinks, pans went on to boil and the crises was avoided, next on new years eve at 11.45pm five tiles from my fireplace crashed to the ground, the good news is it did check that my heart was in perfect working order! Finally last night on the way to the supermarket the car broke down, hubby thinks it might be a snapped clutch cable so it’s booked into the garage on Monday hopefully that’s my lot and I can start my new shiny time-table on Monday.

However I was reminded when reading cristianmihai.net blog that we shouldn’t get so wrapped up in our problems or what we hope to achieve that we forget that each day is new and every second that goes by is a second that we will never get back, that as well as planning for the future we should be enjoying our time right now. I’m please to be able to report that I have started enjoying every moment by stopping on the way home, as I was walking, in a cafe and having a lovely hot chocolate and a nice big piece of carrot cake. 🙂

What about you, how’s your new year going to far, is it going to plan?

3 thoughts on “‘It Is Hard When You…

  1. I hope that’s your three bad luck days over with! Funnily enough our kettle broke yesterday but we didn’t ahve people visiting. Glad you enjoyed something positive from the coffee and cake.

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