Wondering What To Do? Well…..

If anyone is stuck for something to do as it’s;

a) Sunday,
b) All the Turkey is gone and the only thing left to do is eat chocolate,
c) Your just waiting around now until the new year comes.

Well I’ve got a competition for you, it’s for a short story of up to and including 500 words, you can email your entry the only catch is the closing date is midnight on 31st December 2012 so you’ll have to get your finger out, see http://www.flash500.com/ for more details.

If your still pondering whether or not to enter, the cash prizes are very nice at £300 for first prize, £100 for Second prize and £50 for third prize.

Good Luck! Let me know if you decide to enter. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Wondering What To Do? Well…..

  1. It’s a good competition. Was on the longlist for this last year, which pleased me but I haven’t entered any competitions for a while after I worked out how much it was costing me!

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