This Time Last Year….

What did you want to be doing a year later? And are you doing it? I hope that makes sense.

One thing I wanted to do is start a blog, which hooray I’ve done and I’m having great fun writing it! 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying it too!

I’ve finished a few of the writing projects I had lined up and others like an e-book I’m planning on publishing aren’t quite ready yet but will be early next year.

There is one, a painting project that I have decided to abandon altogether. I found that I was spreading myself to thin and not having much time for any satisfying writing or painting, so I decided to concentrate on my writing project instead.

What about you, what did you want to do this time last year?

5 thoughts on “This Time Last Year….

  1. I’ve achieved quite a lot of my goals such as having my next tween novel accepted and getting well on with a couple of other novels, plus some goals I didn’t know I had such as publishing a novella!

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