I Was Wondering….

Where do you write? Is it where you really want to write? If not what’s your ideal situation and does it make you write any better?

My ideal situation is alone in the house, in the living room where it’s warm, a hot cup of tea on the table and a packet of biscuits, purely for concentration purposes only you understand.  Now the reality is writing in the evening when the kids are in bed, a cold cup of tea because I’ve forgotten it’s there and I usually say no to the biscuits because ‘I’m being good.’

I do feel that on the rare occasions that I manage to get the house to myself I do write better, I really do, words flow and everything is wonderful, but it’s no good waiting for the right moment because lets face it doesn’t come very often.

So what can we do instead? Concentrate on getting the basics right,

1. Set a writing target – it gets you motivated

2. Tidy work station –  it helps to clear your head ready for creativity

3. New beautiful notepads – who doesn’t love a new notepad.

4. Tea – speaks for itself 🙂

5. Working pens – there’s nothing more annoying than reaching for a pen only to find it missing or not working!

Have I missed any out? Let me know?

Where do you write? I’d love to know.

14 thoughts on “I Was Wondering….

  1. I have a nice office to write in, but I can’t honestly say it’s improved my writing. I write just as well squashed in a corner during lunchbreaks at the day job, or in the back of the van when Gary and I are travelling. I do always need tea though!

  2. Although I enjoy having my computer in its own room and I have plenty of space, I think I write better away from home! I especially love my little spot in my favourite Costa and writing on a train journey.

      • Oh, do try it. The most wonderful place I ever wrote was in a very eclectic coffee shop. There was just something about that place that would let me lose myself in writing for hours!!!

        And the cinnamon rolls were to die for!!!

  3. I’ve written all over the place, bottom of the stairs, end of the bed – but the place I write best is sitting in the car – when it’s parked I hasten to add, not as I’m driving along 😉 I do have my desk, but the computer on it tends to lead me astray 🙂 x

  4. Hello and congratulations on your blog — just read your letter in ‘Writer’s Forum’ last night 🙂

    Great post – I love my desk and workspace and also love quiet as the ideal (but rare) scenario. A cup of coffee or a nice cup of tea goes well, too!

    Cheers and happy Christmas.

  5. Hello and congratulations on your blog – just read your inspiring letter to ‘Writer’s Forum’ last night 🙂

    Great post – my ideal scenario is at my desk with everything quiet (a rare scenario!). A coffee or nice cup of tea is always excellent too!

    Cheers and happy Christmas (and happy blogging).

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