What Would You Have Done?

Ok, so last week I paid for my eldest to have a school dinner on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, I know school dinners have a bad reputation but my eldest loves school dinners.
After having a good natter with mates my eldest ended up being second to last in the dinner queue, no problem there then you might think, that is until the serving dinner lady said to my eldest and the child behind “I’m sorry but we’ve run out of hot dinners, I’ll make you both a sandwich instead ok?”!!
Had it have been me standing there, not wanting to cause trouble, I would have meekly accepted the sandwich.
But I’m please to say my eldest’s response was “Can’t you just put the oven back on?”
I don’t know whether it was shock or a sense of duty but the dinner lady did indeed retreat and put the oven back on.
Although having an extra wait and missing out on a bit of outside playtime my eldest did really enjoy the fish and chips!
I’m really proud that my eldest had the nerve to ask for was wanted (and actually what I had paid for!)
What would you have done, would you have taken the sandwich or asked for what you really wanted?

6 thoughts on “What Would You Have Done?

    • I was surprised at his reaction, but then again he does love his dinners and a sandwich wouldn’t quite replace fish and chips, I’m really glad he spoke up though I wouldn’t have been pleased to have paid for a sandwich!

  1. Now I’d insist on what I’d paid for, but I don’t think I would have done at school. If you had to pay in advance, wouldn’t the staff know how many to cook for?

    I’ve awarded you the very inspiring blog award – more details over on mine.

    • Thanks for the award Patsy, I’m really pleased I might just have to celebrate with cake! You would think the staff would know how many dinners to cook wouldn’t you, especially as I have to pre pay on monday morning it must have been a bad day!

  2. The boy should go far. I don’t know how old he is, but when I was young I cringed with embarrassment if my parents made a fuss, so I’m sure I would have taken the sandwich. Mind you, if it had happened to one of my children I would have been up at the school waving my umbrella that day!
    Thank you for the award – Patsy gave me the same one, so I had better get on with thinking of my seven random things. Or shoudl it be fourteen?

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