I Did It Again…..

I’ve gone and done it again. This month I’ve been determined to finish my current writing project due to an unfortunate problem, a good dose of sickness and diarrhea and being asked to craft a batch of woolly snowmen I’m not getting very far, the unfortunate problem? I find it hard (if not near impossible) when cornered to say no. So this morning when cornered I landed myself the colossal task of organising along with another mum the school christmas fayre.
It’s nice to try to be helpful but as writer’s are we at danger of helping so much that our writing gets pushed right out of the door? And does it mean you’re not taking yourself as serious as you should? If we don’t put our writing first or take ourselves as seriously as we should, why would anyone else?
I think top of my new years resolutions should be to say “I’ll have to check my diary” to give me valuable thinking time, what about you do you have problems saying no?

4 thoughts on “I Did It Again…..

  1. It is easy to take on too much. Saying you must check your diary is a good plan. Make sure you put ‘writing’ entries in that diary so when you look, you’re reminded to leave time for that.

  2. It seems to be a problem a lot of writers have – it’s almost as if we feel guilty about it so push it to the bottom of the pile. Your plan to buy thinking time is a good one! x

  3. They left it till now to get the Fayre organized?!! With that much inefficiency, anything you can do has to be better.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog – and get a memory stick! They’re cheap enough for such a potential life-saver. I have several.

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