How Do You Start Writing For Greeting Cards Companies?

Yesterday I woke up feeling dreadful, I had the whole works including sickness and diarrhea which I’m pleased to report is although not gone much better. By the time it came to last night I was feeling rather sorry for myself, so my children showed me the fistful of christmas cards they had gathered during the day to make me feel better.

It got me wondering about who writes the inside of greeting cards? I decided that as we’re all thinking about next years projects and goals I’d have a poke about and post you my findings incase you fancy having ago.

Contrary to popular belief you do not have to be fabulous at poems or rhyming to get in to greeting cards, if you can put together a funny or an emotional verse this is just as important. Here are my five main findings:

1. As always research is important as is finding the right company, different companies will do different sorts of verses, one will appeal to you more than the other.
2. If your anything like me you’ll probably have loads of notebooks, use one for playing around with different sorts of verses, don’t forget that like short story magazines greeting card companies will want christmas verses in June or July! If you start work on them now you could have a nice batch to send by June.
3. Send your verses in bulk, most of the companies require that you send a batch of verses in rather than one at a time.
4. Check individual company guidelines.
5. One more point have fun! It could be a fun boxing day game who can think of the funniest verse!

Have you got advise for anyone who fancies having ago at greeting cards? Post a comment and let us know.

5 thoughts on “How Do You Start Writing For Greeting Cards Companies?

  1. Great post, Anne – I used to know a few markets for cards but I can’t remember where they are now or if I still have the details. But it’s worth thinking about again! I sometimes do markets on my blog so maybe that’s something to look at next year. Hope you’re feeling much better by now.

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