Don’t let fear stop you. Throw your heart over the fence – and the rest will follow

I loved this quote by Norman Vincent Peale that I found in this months Writers’ Forum magazine

It was brought home last night by a conversation I had with my eldest who has swimming lessons on a Tuesday night:
Child, “if I pass stage three, am I going to be in the big pool?”
Me, “yes, that’ll be nice won’t it.”
Child, “No, I don’t want to go in the big pool, I’ll drown.”
Me, “You won’t drown there’s life guards and by the time you pass you’ll be ready to go in the big pool.”
Child, “They can’t save everyone though, I want to cancel my swimming lessons.”
This conversation continued for another ten minutes at bedtime mingled with tears and reassurance that he definitely won’t drown even if I have to dive in myself. Finally we agreed that we’ll see how he feels if he passes this time.
The conversation got me thinking of all the things that I had put off and even not done due to fear, this blog for example would have been done last year if it wasn’t for fear. Maybe next year I’ll have to resolve to say yes to more things and stop procrastinating, but perhaps first I’ll watch Jim Carrrey in Yes Man, for research purpose only of course.

5 thoughts on “Don’t let fear stop you. Throw your heart over the fence – and the rest will follow

  1. Be brave – what’s the worst that could happen? Er, actually maybe it’s best not to focus on that …

    Seriously though, sometimes worrying about something is scarier than doing it.

  2. Hi Anne. You should read my story in the November issue of Fiction Feast. It was about a woman who had to say yes to everything for one day! I even mentiioned Jim carey’s Yes Man film in it.. Can’t say I do as I write though – I find it too easy to say no to things!

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